Rotary Garden-Hydroponic Evolution

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Rotary Garden-Hydroponic Evolution

  Hydroponics is an effective

 cultivation,only in water, with a closed

 circuit in which nutrients are dissolved.

 It enables to produce plants in artificial home conditions.

 With the use of such a system, it is possible to control

the plants and influence the internal climate (light, temperature,

 humidity, ventilation, CO2, nutrients).The plants grow faster,

have more fruit and are less susceptible to disease. The great advantage of hydroponic farming is the efficiency of water use due to global water scarcity.



The hydroponic system aims at the most effective use of modern technology, space, human work, water, energy to produce the ecologically, healthiest and safest plants in a completely controlled, clean environment. The system is to ensure the highest quality product in a short time. To fully appreciate the impact on global food production, it is important to understand the relationship between human and the world of plants that have been inseparable for centuries.




 We start with building a base product.




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