Intelligent Rotary System

Intelligent Rotary System


  An important role in our system

  is played by geotropism, that is

  reaction of plant organs to change

  their position relative to the vector

  of gravity.





         As breeders, we play a role in nature to a

certain extentand and we do it in the best way

 to create the most favorable climatic conditions.

In our Rotary Garden system we  use plants,

lamps, fans,air ionizers and natural fertilizers.







 Light source-for proper development, the plants need not only the right amount of light, but above all the proper spectrum of light. Different types of lamps and light sources are used, which emit different amounts of light. The light effect, that is, the ability of a light source to convert Watts to lumens is given in lumens on Wat. It is an important indicator of light source performance. While the amount of lumens remains the same, the illumination decreases. On  the same surface area falls a smaller light flux.