Rotary Garden – Hydroponic Evolution

Rotary Garden – Hydroponic Evolution

New technology and traditional hydroponic cultivation in Rotary Garden.

The Rotary Garden company was founded by a group of technicians who share the conviction that the development of modern technologies can contribute significantly to the solution of many of the current urban problems,related to a healthy and balanced lifestyle of modern society. It also facilitates the work of people making it more effective.

Due to the negative human impact on the environment and the world in general, this problem can only be solved through technical evolution.

The aim of our system is the most effective use of modern technology, space, human work, water and energy. All these factors contribute to production of organic, healthier and safer plants in a clean and completely controlled environment.


High quality products in short time.

The system is to provide products of the highest quality in a short time. In order to fully appreciate the impact on world food production,it is important to understand the relationship between human and the world of plants. They have been inseparable through the centuries.The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and the floating gardens of the Aztecs in Mexico were the first hydroponic systems. 

In our rotary hydroponic system, the plants are grown also in water-based. These are soilless cultivations where the soil is replaced with a mineral material that is chemically inert. Rockwool has no effect on the development of the plant.The substrate serves only to fix the roots.


Advanced technology.

Thanks to advanced technology of Rotary Garden, we change traditionally understood horizontal cultivation. We improve agriculture in rotating cylinders to use space, light and water in the most effective way.  An important role in our system is played by geotropism. This is the reaction of the organs of plants to change their position in relation to the vector of gravity. This significantly accelerate their growth.  

Planting in cylinders definitely increases yield and space (3-5 times). Feeding and watering management is simple and efficient thanks to the automated system. Light in the center means limited waste.

Cultivated plants immerse their roots directly into nutrient-rich solutions. They get what they need much easier than plants growing in soil. Plants need much smaller root systems and can redirect more energy to leaf and stem growth. Thanks to the smaller roots we can grow more plants on a smaller area. We can get also more crops – comparing to the same amount of soil.


Fully controlled environment.

As growers, we play a role in nature in a certain way. We do it in the best way to recreate the most favorable conditions.

In the Rotary Garden hydroponic system we use lamps, fans, air ionizers, fertilizers and a neutral rock wool substrate. All this allows us to adapt the external environment and the components contained in the water to the needs of individual plants. The use of pesticides is unnecessary. Plants are in a clean environment that we control daily, to minimize the risk of disease development.

Every day, when making measurements, you can provide the most favorable conditions for the development of our plants. Regardless of the weather conditions that prevail outside. You are also not exposed to losses due to unfavorable weather. This allows cultivation regardless of conditions, throughout the year. You are no longer limited by the climate or the season in pursuit of achieving abundant crops.


Hydroponic culture in Rotary Garden.

The Rotary Garden system is a combination of the hydroponic culture known by breeders that uses modern technology, which implies a more efficient use of space, light source and gravity, so that plants can grow faster in the most ideal conditions during all year.

You can provide the plants the right amount of light, the water required by the plants with the necessary ingredients is used effectively, so that you are not exposed to losses, as in traditional cultivation in the soil. Thanks to daily environmental control and maintenance of sterile growing conditions, plants are less susceptible to diseases, grow faster and have more fruit.



Hydroponics is an effective

cultivation,only in water, with a closed

circuit in which nutrients are dissolved.

It enables to produce plants in artificial home conditions.

With the use of such a system, it is possible to control

the plants and influence the internal climate (light, temperature,

humidity, ventilation, CO2, nutrients).The plants grow faster,

have more fruit and are less susceptible to disease. The great advantage of hydroponic farming is the efficiency of water use due to global water scarcity.


Rotary Garden system combines traditional hydroponic cultivation with advanced technology making it even more effective and more convenient for the grower.



Rotary Garden-hydroponic system

Rotary Garden-hydroponic system

Possibilities of  Rotary Garden are as wide and varied as the imagination and gardening afford.

We are conducting research to develop the Rotary Garden. The hydroponic system aim is the most effective use of modern technology, space, human work, water, energy to produce the ecologically, healthiest and safest plants in a completely controlled, clean environment without adversely affecting the external environment.







Rotating cylinder-Rotary Garden

Rotating cylinder-Rotary Garden

The main objective of Rotary Garden is research and development in the field of agriculture, to allow the growth of plants regardless of the climatic conditions in the world. This is to make vegetarian food or medicinal plants cheaper and accessible to people. Also a more efficient management of urban space.










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